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Product The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour

director Leila Conners Petersen

Environmental documentary 11th HOUR resides at the polar opposite of escapist summer fare, its mission to firmly confront viewers about the indelible human footprint that humans have left on this planet, and the catastrophic effects of environmental neglect and abuse. Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, and ably directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Peterson, the documentary doesn't get much fancier than talking heads, news footage, and the occasional animated illustration, but its message is potent and delivered effectively.

The first hour of the film is essentially a horror story, recounting the myriad sins perpetrated against the environment (pollution, deforestation, over-mining resources), the reasons behind it (corporate greed, faulty public policy, bad leadership, ignorance), and what it means for the human race. Thankfully, the last third of the movie tilts the mood upward, with a spirited discussion of solutions, offered by a crack team of scientists, designers, and thinkers. Stirring visions of alternate energy sources, diversified transportation, enlightened governmental agendas, sustainable homes and cities, and, most importantly, more conscious consumer choices leave viewers with the palpable feeling that change is both necessary and possible. If the "eleventh hour" for our planet is drawing near, this admirable film points confidently towards a new dawn.
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Video, DVD / 2008

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Product Details

Also Known As: The Eleventh Hour
Screen: Widescreen - 1.85 / Full Frame - 1.33
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance)
Rating Reason: for some mild disturbing images and thematic elements
Director: Leila Conners Petersen / Nadia Conners
Featured: Mikhail Gorbachev / Stephen Hawking / Dr. Andrew Weil
Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio / Leila Conners Petersen / Chuck Castleberry
Brian Gerber
Screenwriter: Leonardo DiCaprio / Leila Conners Petersen / Nadia Conners
Composer: Eric Avery / Jean-Pascal Beintus
Narrator: Leonardo DiCaprio
Director of Photography: Andrew Rowlands
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: April 08, 2008
Original Release Year: 2007
Format: DVD Video
Run Time: 124 minutes
Language: English
Color: Color
ISBN: 6311880113 / 9786311880111
UPC: 085391183518 / 00085391183518
Genre: Education/General Interest / Environmental
Keywords: Documentary / Theatrical Release / Nature

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