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Product Sesame Street Old School, Vol. 1

Sesame Street Old School, Vol. 1

artist Sesame Street

Personnel: Todd Graff, Andrea Giglio, Tom Spiro, Athea Jackson, Clyde Otis Jr., Ana Isa Otis, Christine Winter, Lois Winter (vocals); Bobbie Wood (sound effects).
Creator: Jim Henson.
Editor: James Timmens.
Photographers: Sandy Speiser; Judy Ross.
Arranger: Sam Pottle.
From the beginning, Sesame Street was a multi-media proposition, not just a television program but a series of books and toys and, of course, records. A high premium was put on original music, and the early years of the venture produced an astonishing amount of the best children's music written during the 20th century, with a high chart placing for Ernie's classic "Rubber Duckie" in the summer of 1970 merely serving as the capstone for an incredible achievement. Anyone who picked up The Sesame Street Record after the single became a hit, but with no prior knowledge, would have been treated to a parade of catchy songs, nearly all of them written by Joe Raposo, the Street's maestro-in-residence who was responsible for the opening theme, "Bein' Green," "I've Got Two," "People in Your Neighborhood," and many more (although not "Rubber Duckie"). Not all the characters were set in stone yet, evidence being the delightful "Up and Down," where a voice that sounds like Grover also sounds like the Cookie Monster. Sesame Street Old School, Vol. 1 is a three-disc set consisting of straight reissues of three early albums, The Sesame Street Book & Record from 1970, Big Bird Sings! from 1974, and Bert & Ernie Sing-Along, also from 1974. Only the first will be widely palatable to children and adults; on the character-focused LPs (especially Big Bird Sings!), the overwhelming nature of the character's idiosyncrasies begins to weigh heavily, although Bert and Ernie have a wonderful sense of interplay on the opener "I Refuse to Sing Along." ~ John Bush
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Music, Popular, CDs / 2010

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Product Details

Performer: Sesame Street
Guest Artist: Mr. Hopper
Produced by: Joe Raposo / Jon Stone / Thomas Z. Shepard
Engineered by: Frank Laico / Ed Michalski
Record Label: Koch
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Original Release Year: 2009
Format: Compact Discs
Packaging: Boxed Set
Number of Disc: 3
Recording Mode: Stereo
Run Time: 110 minutes
ISBN: 6313263588 / 9786313263585
UPC: 099923478324 / 00099923478324
Genre: Children's

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