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host Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert is an independent journalist who has made a minor career out of telling people news that most folks do not want to know. Ruppert, a former police officer, predicted the Wall Street debacle of 2008 several years before the fact, at a time when most analysts were still imagining infinite growth for the stock market and major investment banks. Since then, his vision of the world's future has grown only darker. As Ruppert sees it, civilization and the global economy has yet to wean itself off fossil fuels, and when the world's supply of oil finally runs out, it will lead to a global financial catastrophe that will leave no one unscathed. But while most of what Ruppert has to say bears the ring of truth, there's a small audience for his dire message -- the primary medium for his work is a self-published newsletter, and his most recent book has done so poorly in the marketplace that he faces eviction from his home. Is Ruppert right? And if he is, why doesn't anyone care? Filmmaker Chris Smith profiles Michael Ruppert and gives him a chance to explain his apocalyptic vision of the future at length in the documentary COLLAPSE, which was an official selection at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.
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Video, DVD / 2010

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Product Details

Screen: Widescreen - 1.78
Rating: Not Rated
Director: Chris Smith
Composer: Armand Amar / Joe Wong / Didier Leplae
Director of Photography: Ed Lachman / Max Malkin
Sound: Hunter Crowley
Host: Michael Ruppert / Michael Ruppert
Distributed by: Mpi Home Video
Release Date: June 15, 2010
Original Release Year: 2009
Format: DVD Video
Run Time: 80 minutes
ISBN: 0788610635 / 9780788610639
UPC: 030306500096 / 00030306500096
Genre: Education/General Interest / Business/Finance
Keywords: Reporters / Conspiracy Theories / Interviews
Live-Action / Documentary / Politics
Social Issues

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